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The Muddy Stilettos guide to hangover cures

Socialising is back (and so are the hangovers). From gravy granules to cold lager, we asked some Muddy hell-raisers for their emergency remedies.

Rachel, Editor of Muddy Berkshire

There’s a sliding scale of intervention. Sensible-ish, meaning I’ve stuck to the same drink all night and only need a cautionary pint of iced water and a couple of paracetamol before bed. Or over-excited oblivion which requires step one, plus a can of diet coke and sausage sandwich in the morning, with a Frazzles or Space Invaders chaser later in the day. Salt, fat and fizzy drink content needs to be high. Retro snacks are just a reminder I’m old enough to know better.

Heidi, Editor of Muddy Hampshire & IoW

Nutritionists always advise blitzing up something green and ludicrously healthy for a hangover. Reality? Good luck with that. My top tip is to drink plenty of caffeine: tea, coffee and Coca-Cola, in that order. Water if you can face it. More prevention than cure, if you’re not too sloshed to remember, ALWAYS down a pint of water before bed.

Ginny, Associate Features Editor

Ginny is on the right

Lessons I’ve learnt along the way: drinking on an empty stomach = room spin, four espresso martinis = eight coffee shots, so don’t expect ANY sleep even long after you’ve removed the disco shoes, and anything that curdles in the glass will probably be doing something similar in the stomach. As for the morning after, I find that a banana smoothie or milkshake does wonders to settle the stomach. It’s got to have kefir in it, which seems to erase all the bad stuff with yoghurty good stuff. In my student days it was Berocca, or on a lean month, Bisto granules with hot water. Then it has to be a paracetamol and a bacon sarnie. The relief might be temporary, but oh it tastes good.

Kerry Yates, Head of Marketing (and hubby)

I reckon my husband is the ultimate expert – his drinking reputation of ‘Have you been Yatesyed’ is notorious. He is 6’4” with hollow legs and has a tremendous capacity (and fast recovery), but nevertheless is often reaching for a hangover cure. For me it has to be coconut water. For him, it’s another cold lager the morning after (I did warn you…), a spicy Bloody Mary, and if all else fails, sweat it out in a sauna.

Lisa, Editor of Muddy Devon

Lisa (right) at Larmer Tree Festival

Being a mature woman of means and mother of three, it’s been so many years since I had a proper hangover, I can hardly remember what one feels like. But anything fizzy always does the trick for me, a slug of Diet Coke, or tonic water (provided I don’t catch a glimpse of last night’s gin bottle next to it). And if the old head is still banging by tea-time, I go for a hair of the dog Prosecco. A sort of fizzy virtuous circle.

Alex, Editor of Muddy Suffolk & Cambridgeshire

Image: Martin Bond

After many, many years of practice, I feel I have perfected the hangover cure. It must ALWAYS be potato based. Preferably potato waffles, which I pretty much always have in the freezer unless a teenager has eaten them. Cook for longer than it says and not in a toaster – no no no – accompanied by fizzy water, and lots of ice. Hash browns are also acceptable. This is a progression from the tinned (I know – ashamed) macaroni cheese of my student days – with a side of white toast. Then there is always the Bloody Mary – but that’s mainly for the Christmas season. 

Sue, Editor of Muddy Dorset & Somerset

If you’re in the right frame of mind to remember, the key is preparing the night before by drinking loads of water. Then an ice-cold, full-fat CocaCola the next morning to rehydrate, re-energise and help with that pounding head. Full English when you can face it.

Katrina, Editor of Muddy Hertfordshire & Bedfordshire

Long gone are my days of necking double G&Ts in dingy Clapham bars on a Saturday night with no repercussions (yep, ‘cos that’s how we rolled a decade ago). My hangovers these days tend to be more of the fuzzy-headed variety after a few too many wines on any given Wednesday night in. My failsafe pick-me-up for over-indulging is always, well, more over-indulging. I don’t mean hair of the dog (*grabs the paper bag*), but carb loading. A proper beige food bonanza, all washed down with an icy-cold fresh orange juice and gallons of builder’s tea. Bosh!

Lucy, Deputy Editor of Muddy Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire

Ah, the dreaded hangover. This is how I do it:

Step 1: Cup of hot water and lemon juice for rehydration and to wash away the self-hatred.

Step 2: Large coffee with oat milk for fortification for the day ahead.

Step 3: Extensive carbs (bread, bagels etc) with extensive protein (eggs, bacon, chorizo, etc).

Step 4: Alka Seltzer

Step 5: Pint of water and a banana.

And if I’m still screwed at that point, I just weep silently until bedtime.

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